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Kevin Roy
Associate Professor of Media Arts/Multimedia
Office: LH219
Email: kevin.roy (at) eou (dot) edu
Calendar and Office Hours
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  • Can I take the exam or final exam at a different time than what is stated on the syllabus?
    • I do not offer exams at times other than what is stated on the syllabus.
  • Where do I get my code for the lab?
    • In the main office in Loso. Take your Student ID.
  • When is the final exam?
    • The final exam schedule can be viewed from the registrar's page, here.
    • If the the class is in the evening at 5 o'clock or after, the final will be held at the scheduled class time. For example, if the class is at 5pm on MW, the exam time is M at 5.
  • Will you give me an "I"?
    • Chances are, no. But if there are some extenuating circumstances and you have a good history of completing assignments, attending class, participation, and a high level of achievement, I will make the consideration. Refer to EOU Student Affairs for the specific policies or course withdrawals/incompletes.
  • Can I makeup the exam I missed? I was sick.
    • If your illness is documented, meaning, you have a doctor's note or a note from the health center then the absence is excused. A family emergency, like the death of a grandparent for instance is not an excused absence. I fully understand that life's circumstances can get in the way of educational endeavors and there are times where family comes first, so I recommend that you contact Student Services if such a tragic event should occur.
  • What did I miss? What am I going to miss?
    • I don't know because I'm not always sure how the information and/or ideas presented in class relate to your particular interests/project/major. I suggest you talk to one of your classmates about getting the notes.
  • Can you email or post the "powerpoints"?
    • The slide lectures represent my notes on a particular topic relevant to the course. It will be important for you to attend the lectures and take excellent notes on the material. During a lecture I often present additional information that's omitted from the slides. Taking detailed notes will help you achieve the stated learning outcomes of the course, assignments, and/or projects.