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Duplicate and Synchronized Topics in Sub-Forums - PHPBB

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Considering the two solutions put forth in this thread 1) posting a link back to the topic, a "shadow topic" and 2) moving the topic to a new sub-forum, leaving a link behind (another option), I think these ideas are not ideal for providing the best user experience. We have to keep in mind the variety of contexts that PHPBB is used and the experience level of some board users/noobies who may not be familiar PHPBB's hierarchical organization and functions. Given that there is the necessity to limit "noise" in the sub-forums resulting from an over abundance of topics, like adding links to topics as was proposed. In consideration of my audience, students, it does become important to streamline. I use PHPBB as a teaching tool so it becomes necessary to keep forums and sub-forums organized and pruned to minimize 'information overload' for students. Hence this extension request.

So my board is organized according to the following description and attachment:

Each class I teach is a forum...e.g. "Digital Media 101." Within that forum (DM101) there are 10 sub-forums that correspond to each week in the term...Week One, Week Two, Week Three, etc. Then within each sub-forum there are topic threads that are being categorized by 3DI's extension called "Topics Hierarchy." That allows me to separate topics by designating a topic as "Global Announcement', 'Announcement', 'Sticky', or 'General Discussion.' You'll notice from the attached graphic that I've also modified the PHPBB source code to clarify each topic category, e.g. 'Lectures, Lessons and Links' or 'Assignments.' (Sorry, but it's a configuration option that I need as well).

It would be useful to be able to categorize a topic and then have that topic span all the sub-forums, similar to the way in which a "Global Announcement' spans all of the forums. So for example, I want a topic called 'Tech Support' placed within a particular sub-forum's 'Announcements'. But I also want that topic to span and be synchronized across all of the sub-forums (weeks) within a particular forum. It'd be nice to select which sub-forums that would include the new topic as well.

Such an extension would eliminate some confusion by introducing additional consistency of organization as my students move from week to week (sub-forum to sub-forum) of the course forum.


Details and discussion can be found here...



UPDATE: Kind of in place with the built in tools of PHPBB, but could be refined and specialized imo.

Here's the link back to the relevant topic where many of the details have been outlined.<br><br>

 PM profKroy with a quote and questions please.

What needs to happen...

Students are posting all kinds of information and discussion in my course forum. Instead of having the reporting system operate as a way to flag problem posts, I would like an extension to change the reporting tool into a post feedback tool. This would be an invaluable way to communicate back to students who use the forum for their online courses.

First, I would like to control who can report a post. Ideally I as the instructor/admin, should only have this functionality, but I would also like to be able to assign student moderators this functionality as well. I can forego the latter, if it's too much of a problem, but it would be great to have upper division students, helping lower division students using this tool.....teaching assistants, so to speak. I think I can already do this, using permissions, no?

Second, I would like all registered users to see some sort of visual reference if a post has been reported, or in the case of this extension, when feedback on the post has been provided. When a student clicks on the "view post feedback" button, they would see the reported, "this work represents, excellent work," something like that. Perhaps, the little flag icon they see would be a star or something, indicating that there is instructor feedback for the particular post. I am concerned about UI for this so, please work with me on the details of that. I'm also using a theme that might need to be dealt with.

I'm happy to foster the development of an extension like this. It would help turn otherwise unusable functionality, for me, into something very positive for student learning. The way that I'm using phpBB, I don't really have to worry about ultra large communities, where things could run amok. It's a closed community for students only.

PM profKroy with a quote and questions please.



Here's the link back to the relevant topic where many of the details have been outlined.<br><br>


What needs to happen...

When students respond to a post that has an image attached, that image needs to display as a thumbnail in their reply.

The reason is because they are critiquing the image in their response. It's an online critique of a design. Readers of the forum need the image for the context, so they can understand the posted comment/quote.

I'm willing to patron the development of this functionality and give it away for free to whoever may need it.

It needs to work for phpBB version 3.1.6.

Quoted image needs to be a thumbnail.

PM profKroy with a quote and questions please. *** DEVELOPED - CURRENTLY IN BETA HERE ***